How to Reduce Bounce Rate for Better Ranking

Bounce rate

The percentage of single page sessions is defined as bounce rate. While the single page session is defined as the time when a person leaves any website, the moment he enters the page. Thus leaving the page without any interaction. Bounce rate analysis tells how interesting the website is.
There are many factors that results in high bounce rate. Some of the factors are:
  • Any website having usability issues will be left by the users with no interaction.
  • When websites provide information in a single page than users may read that information and leave the website immediately.
  • Websites that offers no good content will be of no interest to users.

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Using Google analytics to get bounce rate
Implementation of Google analytics can have impact on bounce rate analysis. The quality and amount of traffic can be measured by using bounce rate. Google analytics is basically used to calculate the bounce rate of the blog or the webpage.
The bounce rate is calculated as;

R= T/ Te  
Where R= bounce rate
T= total number of visits viewing one page only
T= total entries to page

Profit index for bounce rate
Increasing conversions and sales leads to reduction of bounce rates. Profit index consists of the web pages that are mostly viewed by people. For improving conversions one the blogger needs to reduce bounce rate for high profit index.

Low website traffic
The bloggers must avoid low traffic website as it leads to less number of visitors that means low popular website or blog. Low website traffic has negative impact on the blog while high website traffic means having large audience.

Creating the best landing pages with the prominent call to actions
Some of the effective methods of designing call to actions are by using fast applications that include; Evernote, Dropbox, Spotify, Instagram, Square, Firefox, Uber and Oyster etc. impact branding and designs allow people to learn about the company’s products relevant to its competitors.

Creating a high quality website content
Time and devotion is required for making a great content and building prosperous brand. Some important steps can lead to the creation of great content;
  1. Original content
Copying of content leads to crushing of one’s bottom line. The only way to make a great content is by keeping the content original. Originality means one share his own ideas and own work.
  1. Creating strong headlines
People don’t have much time to read complete blog. So by creating interesting headlines will grab large people’s interests.
  1. Actionable content
It provides users sense about how to use the content information. It can be done by providing tips to the users.
  1. Providing answers
When the blogger is capable of providing answers to the visitors, it can create a good content.
  1. Accuracy in reporting and information sourcing
A good content can be created if the blogger provides accurate reports and accurate source of in formations. The statistics provided must be verified.

  1. Creating thought provoking content
When readers are able to implement the knowledge provided by the content it means the content has provokes thought process in them.
  1. Adding images and videos to the blog can add interest for the readers.
  2. If the content is short and pointed it will appeal the readers more.
  3. A good content demands regular updating of blogs.
Website with poor web page layout
If the website is having a poor web- page layout it will be less attractive for visitors. The blog will not be able to capture large audiences. In order to have large audience the blogger must create a website that is having a good design and well designed web- page layout.

In order to attract large audience the blogger must provide appealing content that makes his blog interesting and captures the their attention. The visitor not only just visits page but also enlightens their thought process is the quality of great content. Reduced bounce rate means increased conversions and sales that lead to high profit index.

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