How to use Yoast SEO Plugin in 2016 - Part 1

Yoast SEO Plugin Installation & Settings - Part 1

Today we are talking about wordpress SEO plugin called Yoast SEO plugin so what we gonna do we dive into the wordpress and install Yoast SEO plugin

Once you logged in to the wordpress you have to choose plugin and then add new option and type in Yoast SEO in search box, you will see Yoast SEO plugin come up as first you just gonna go ahead and click installed you also need to activate the plugin so that you can use it on your wordpress site.

Once you activated, it will be on your installed plugin section. You need to scroll down a little bit to find Yoast plugin otherwise it will be right in front of your eyes.

So first we will explore dashboard option there you need to focus on two tabs your info and webmaster tool.

In your info tab you need to fill out your personal details as shown below:

In webmaster you have to verify your website in Google search console, for this you need to click Google search console and login there you have to copy HTML tag as shown in the screenshot and then get back to Yoast SEO plugin in order to paste that code.

You can do the same thing with Bing webmaster tool, I will create a separate tutorial for that for now we just leave that...

Third tab talked about security which we just leave it disabled.

So you have covered the basic now come to the title and meta which is important, when it comes to ranking your site for bunch of keywords, here you can use it to set the title for homepage as shown below:

You are wondering what is title separator actually when you want to separate your choice of keywords you can use any of these separator at that time.

You can  also set the title of your post and pages using the same Yoast SEO plugin. But you cannot add the title of post and pages from Titles & Metas Section

When it comes to set title and meta for posts and pages you have to first select the page and posts to whom you want to change the title and meta information and then scroll down to the page, you will get an option to update your title and meta tag see screenshot below:

We will continue to explore Yoast seo plugin settings in our next tutorial.....

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