Best Ways to Ping Your Blog Free [Ping Directories Shared]

How to Ping your Blog in Search Engines?

As we know that search engine crawl over blog automatically, but sometimes it takes time to crawl blogs but you want your blog post to show in search result as fast as it can. So there are many ways like you can share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.... so that you can submit your post to search engines. There is another one called blog pinging which is the fastest way to submit your blog in search engines. Let's talk about what is blog pinging?

Ping your blog

When you ping your blog, your blog and its posts information then ping services update your shared information to google blog search, feedburnder, Icerocket etc...

There are many popular blog pinging services...

How to Ping?

It is easy to ping your blog. In every ping service you have to submit your blog title, address, and its feed. There are services that allow you to submit more than one link and ask more information regarding that link. As said by many webmasters that when you update your blog daily with new post, it is good to ping your blog, but if you are not updating your blog regularly with new posts, then the blog pinging is somewhat called SPAM and therefore we recommend you to update your blog if you want to ping your blog.

When you do blog pinging not only your blog ranking will improve, but your blog also submit to major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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