Disney World Offline Marketing Strategy Exposed

Walt Disney Strategy

I just got back from Disney World over the weekend. And boy do they make it easy for you to spend money :)
Those guys are pros at increasing the average customer value. And they do this largely by making it REALLY easy to buy. More on that in a bit. But just in case you're wondering...
Disney World is a magical experience. But as an entrepreneur, I was also very intrigued by all of the different "money multipliers" they use to increase profits and enhance the customer experience.
So while walking through Magic Kingdom and exploring all the different countries in Epcot, I was also secretly studying the "business" side of Disney World.
One of the first things you'll notice is they have professional photographers positioned throughout the parks to capture all of your favorite memories.

They're also snapping pictures as you're riding the "Tower of Terror" or screaming through the "Rock 'n' Roller Coaster". And all of these photos are available for purchase through their Photo Pass program.
Pretty cool.
And then there's the food...
You may not opt to buy the photos but we've all gotta eat. You'll find ice cream carts and food stands pretty much everywhere. Which are essential because Orlando is hot as Hades. I certainly ate my fair share of frozen fruit bars :)
And then of course are the souvenirs. Who doesn't need a Mickey Mouse hat...right? But to make things even easier, they'll send your purchases directly to your resort where you can pick up all of your purchases at your convenience.
No need to lug it around the park all day. Brilliant.
And finally - you can also connect your credit cart to your Magic Band. Which allows you to make all of your purchases without ever needing to pull out your wallet or fiddle around in your purse.
I'm telling you... these people are genius. The easier you make it for people to buy from you, the more likely they are to do so!
I call it reducing the "friction" in your business. Same you can apply in your sales funnel. You have to give reason and add something to your sales funnel strategy and let your customer know about it, then you definitely end up in increasing your sales the way "they" do in Disney World :)

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