Google Eyes on Guest Posting

Have you heard about the coffee challenge? I heard about it from Noah Kagan (of Sumo Me) and it goes like this:
  • Go to a coffee shop.
  • Order something.
  • Ask for 10% off.

Guest Posting Cartoon

Most people will make an excuse about why they won't do it. They say, "well I have the money to pay for it" or "I don't mind paying for my decaf skinny latte..." and so on.

The idea is that you're dealing with rejection. (Because most of the time you WILL get denied.) 

About once a week I head to a local coffee shop to work or at least get a injection of caffiene. Last week I got an order of 2 coffees for 37.5% off...and all I had to do was ask.

I went off script...

I walk up with my 2 to-go coffee cups. I order 2 coffees to go. Pretty standard.

Then I smile at the guy and casually say, "hey, so what kind of discount can you give me on the 2nd coffee?"

The barista is a new guy at the shop so he looks a little confused... "uh...."

I say, "well I brought my own cups..."

Right then one of the managers comes over to say, " just give it to him for 50 cents".

And of course the point is not the $1.50 discount because I tipped an additional $1.50 (over my normal tip) to make up for it. The point is to put yourself in uncomfortable positions where you may fail.

Guest posting is pretty much the same way.

And before I started guest posting, I made excuses, but I was really just scared of getting rejected.

You don't have to worry about getting rejected even though it feels like something bad will happen. Usually nothing bad will happen and you'll learn something new. 

But remember do guest posting wisely and follow the Google rules while doing so...

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