Google Penalties and its Affects

Google Penalties and its Types:

Google penalties are like a fever and once you got any penalty your life become miserable. Like in fever, it weakens your body the same way penalty site will get less traffic. If you want to remove your site from penalty you have to carry out certain measures like the way you treat the fever with medication.

Google Penalties

How Google Penalties can affect your site?

To fix penalty you have to first check why Google puts penalty on your site. Is there anything you have added to your site which is against Google guidelines. Google will send you information about the penalty they pose on your site. The worst effect of penalty is that your page will be indexed from a search result or may be whole site and because of this reason you will not get any traffic to your site.

There are Two Types of Google Penalties:

  • Manual Penalty

  • Algorithmic Penalty

It is important to know why Google poses such penalties, how your site effected with these penalties and how you can recover your site from these penalties. Once you know which penalty you have on your site, you can increase your site, chances to recover from such penalty.

Google add penalties on those sites which are creating backlinks from bad neighbourhood sites, getting paid traffic, adding a useless post on your site etc...

In our next post we will describe the types of Penalties.....

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