Importance of Alexa Ranking in SEO

When you increase traffic to your website you also increase ranking in Alexa, but for this you need to register on Alexa website and then install Alexa on your computer. The Alexa toolbar is available on many popular web browsers. You need to download Alexa from its official website.

Many webmasters are not aware of Alexa rank and therefore before starting the blog they don't realize the importance of Alexa. Your website Alexa rank is important and you can avail several benefits once you achieve the good Alexa ranking.
Alexa Ranking

In order to improve Alexa ranking you need install a toolbar or add-on in your web browser first. You can choose as per your need.Remember, only download toolbar or add-on from the Alexa official website.

What is Alexa toolbar and Alexa status bar add-on?

The Alexa toolbar is same as toolbar launched by Google and Yahoo. This kind of toolbar never collects your personal data like other spy toolbar, but as said you have to install it from the official website of Alexa. Alexa only tracks your search activity data. And your site Alexa ranking is based on your search activity data. So whichever computer you use you must install Alexa tool bar on that computer or web browser.

Alexa status bar especially created for mozilla firefox and it will provide the status of those website which you are browsing.

What is Alexa Rank?

If you have a low Alexa rank that means you are better than those sites who have high Alexa rank. For example, if you have one rank that means you have passed the exam with the first class numbers. Low Alexa rank means your site has a lot of visitors you can check the Alexa ranking of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

If you have a site with 100000 ranks that means your site becomes popular among visitors the more you have less Alexa ranking you will become more popular. But it is true that anyone can manipulate Alexa traffic, but those who believe in Alexa ranking using this tool to analyze any website traffic.

If you want to earn money you need to focus on decreasing your site Alexa ranking. Because nobody wants to show their ads on those sites which has a high Alexa ranking, and low traffic. So what are you waiting for ready to increase traffic and decrease your site Alexa ranking now!

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