Reveal: URL v/s Domain Name

URL v/s Domain

You all know about URL and Domain technology. Is there any difference between url and domain or both have the same meaning.

If you want to buy domain and if you have already bought a domain you have to understand it first. Did you ever think about the relation between domain and url? we know that you are thinking that why we need to understand the difference between the two. But today we will reveal it.

Difference between Domain and URL

A Domain is a web address like or our domain It is like a home address where you can receive any information or get any stuff. For the same purpose we will create a website where anyone can visit and for this one need to type your website url or web address in web browser so that they can access your website.

domain extensions

Domain can be divided into two parts:

TLD (Top Level Domain) - .com, .net, .org, .in etc...

SLD (Second Level Domain) -, etc...

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You can access your website URL which is also called uniform resource locator either through www or without www. In URL we include both www (sub-domain) and http://(protocol) But something we can see that you are able to access your website with both www or without www, it means that you have a canonical issue on your website.

In SEO this type of issue is an on page issue and you have to fix it, you can fix this by applying redirection on your website. For this you need to redirect without www url example: to www one example:, this will fix canonical issue on the website.

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