How to Simplify your Online Business

Simplify Your Business in Three Easy Steps

This month I've been listening to a book called "Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller".

A biography on one of history's greatest businessman. The creator of Standard Oil and
the world's first billionaire.

I've been listening to this book during my daily walks and it's been a fascinating journey
through one of America's most interesting characters. And while his business life was no doubt
intriguing (and often highly controversial)...

Simplify Business Online

I was even more fascinated by his personal habits. Overall, Mr. Rockefeller lived a simple life.
Rising early in the morning. Always eating a healthy, simple diet. And exercising daily.

His life was full of simple, daily habits. In fact, from a young age - Rockefeller kept
a ledger of all his daily expenses.

This gave him an edge early on in his oil career. As many other companies kept such poor accounting
books that they didn't even know whether or no they were earning a profit or a loss.

John D. on the other hand, knew his profit numbers and expenses down to the very last
penny. He always arrived at work with clock-like precision at the same time every morning.

And he focused maniacally on the critical few tasks that would grow his business on an
exponential scale.
It's these simple, but rigorous HABITS that I believe most contributed to his success.

You don't need to do 100 things per day. Or even 10 things per day for that matter.


You must LASER-FOCUS on the critical few. For us...

Those few high-leverage activities include:

* Connecting with Social Sites.
* Getting highly-targeted traffic.
* Adding value to our existing site :)

These 3 simple habits will allow you to grow a six or even seven figure business.

That doesn't mean that it's easy. But once you are addicted to these habits it would be
much easier to repeat.

Focusing relentlessly on a critical few (high-leverage) tasks that have made the biggest impact.

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