Top Five Greatest Business Books of All Time

Did you know?

Bill gates goes into seclusion twice a year for what he calls a "Think Week". He uses this time to catch up on books, gain clarity, and reflect on his goals.

I'm convinced that all of us could do with at least one "Think Week" per year.

Because it's usually when we're AWAY from the computer that we get our best ideas and breakthroughs.


In honor of Think Week, I'd like to share my 'Top 5' favorite business books of all time. You can read these in a cozy mountain cabin, in your favorite chair, or even listen to them on the way to work.

Doesn't really matter where. But at least save them to your favorites :)

1. Rework:

This is probably one of the most entertaining "business" books I've ever read. The chapters are short, fun, and full of unconventional business wisdom.


It's hard to put down. And once you've read it.You'll want to read it many more times.

Don't get me wrong though - this book doesn't uncover any revolutionary secrets. In fact, it's
probably the opposite.

Instead it uncovers all the "common sense" that most business owners ignore.

2. Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less 

I have this book in both paperback and audio form so that I can listen to it on my walks.

Because this is one I listen to AT LEAST once a year. Despite what the world might tell you, there
are actually only a FEW things that really matter.


This is especially true in business. Most business owners are trying to juggle hundreds of different tasks. While the essentialist works on the vital few.

This book will help you identify the few critical activities that will produce the most revenue in your business.

"Doing less. But better."

3. Work the System: 

This book (like many of my favorite business books) teaches through a story. It shows you how to work ON your business instead of just working IN your business.

Similar to the E-Myth if you've read that one. But there was something special about this book.

Work the system

This book pulls you in. Makes you care about the main character. Even rooting for him. Because we've all been in a business that feels frantic and out of control at times.

Sam Carpenter shows you how to turn your business into a well-oiled machine. He helps you break down each "piece" of your business. And then turn that into a system that occurs automatically.

Without YOU having to do all those tasks. If you've ever felt like you're running your business "by the seat of your pants" - then this book is a must-read.

It's more than just hiring the right people. But rather having the RIGHT systems in place for your people to follow.

4. Straight-Line Leadership: 

I have to warn you ahead of time...

This book is full of page after page of "tough-love". With no sugar-coating.

It's been endorsed by United States Army Generals, NFL football players, CEO's, executives, and New York Times best selling authors.

Straight Line Leadership

And it's one that I read from almost everyday. It's for those who will stop at nothing until they reach their intended goal.

It's allowed me to "see" things in my business that I was blind to before. And I'm betting it will uncover some breakthroughs for you as well.

5. The Quantum Leap Strategy: 

This is a short, powerful book about how to create quantum leaps in your life and in your business.

It's essentially a formula for creating High Velocity in your business. Not just going from 1 sale a day to 5 sales a day. But looking at things in a completely new light. Opening up possibilities you didn't
see before.

The Quantum Leap Strategy

If you're looking to create dramatic results in your business in a short time frame, then I recommend reading a few chapters from this book everyday.

So there you have it!

My Top 5 business books of all time.

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