Understanding Simplified and Proven Recurring Revenue Model

Have you ever noticed how some birds flap their wings while others glide through the air?

While I was out on my walk the other day I saw a butterfly. But what intrigued me was how much
"flapping" it had to do to stay in the air. It would sometimes glide for a few seconds, but most of its energy was taken up by constant flapping.

An eagle, on the other hand, barely flaps his wings at all. They glide gracefully high up in the sky.
They travel much further and expend much LESS energy. 

What does this have to do with business you might ask?


Most business owners online are like butterflies. The worst one's are more like hummingbirds. They have to constantly flap their wings to keep the business running.


Their business requires constant energy from the business owner. It's no wonder that they're tired, stressed, overwhelmed, and on the brink of burnout. It takes all their energy just to keep the business running.

Because they essentially have a glorified job. If they stop working... the money dries up. If you're an affiliate marketer or you sell one-off products - then you have to make more sales every day just to keep the business running. 

Recurring Revenues

If you stop selling one month, the revenue plummets. But there is something you can do with your site (Secret :)) in which you could take a month off - and cash will still flow into the business like clockwork. Because all of your bills are ALREADY paid for the month. The mortgage and the monthly car payment are covered easily by your recurring income.

Everything else is just the cherry on top. Imagine how much "lighter" it feels when all of your main expenses are covered. Like the eagle gliding gracefully through the air. It frees up your mental space to focus on creating new content. Creating new products. 

Writing new emails. And delivering your life's message. Knowing that the bills are ALREADY taken care of. And let me tell you... it's a LOT easier to sell when you don't actually NEED the sale. You can get off the hamster wheel and start doing the kind of work that will have the most IMPACT on your customers.

Instead of sending an email because you "have to" make a sale. Or you have to achieve a certain
revenue number this week...

Instead, you can spend as much time as you need creating content that motivates, inspires, and
moves people into action. Content that (over time) will transform the lives of your customers AND their families. Life is a lot more fun when you're able to  focus on creating your best work. When you have the free "space" to work creatively. 

When you have time to work on what truly inspires you. And when you have a tribe of life-long 
customers that pay you month after month to DO your most inspired work.

Consistent Revenue.
More freedom.
Less Stress.

That's my favorite business model :), want to know what you can do with your site to get that fun and proven recurring revenue, then join us:

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