Online Business - Which Path to Choose?

Just got back from the 'ol dentist.

Luckily... no cavities (even after stealing some of that sweet candy :)

But while I was laid back in that comfy chair - I started thinking about business. Can't really have a conversation with the lady cleaning my teeth.

So I just closed my eyes and did a bit of brainstorming. I was thinking about how some people
grow their business at a snaaaaails pace. While others kick things into high gear - growing their tribe and making sales in their first few months online.

What makes the difference?

Why do some people take YEARS while others generate results in just a few months?

I soon realized it's all about the "vehicle" they drive. Think about it...

Let's say you're going on vacation to sunny Florida. If you try walking there, it could take YEARS. Especially if you don't have a map. Or maybe you've got a bike. So you  pedal your way to Florida. Still going to take you a looooooong time.

But what if you're driving a car there?
Well - with a good 'ol GPS you'll probably get there in a day or two. Or... you can fly in style (let someone else pilot the plane :) and you'll be there in just a few hours.

There are a lot of different ways to get from Point A to Point B. The same is true in business. Certain paths will get you to your destination a LOT faster.

Online Business


Selling your own product VS. Selling someone else's product

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