The Inauspicious Truth About Business Success

Many people in business get this wrong and it's costing them a fortune...

They think if they provide a good product or a good service they'll have a successful business.

Now the product or service you deliver is important but the real key to business success is not about the product or service you provide.

The business that is better at getting prospects and converting them into paying clients is always going to beat the hell out of their competitors.

There are countless examples of inferior products winning because they are better at getting customers. If you've ever bought a domain from GoDaddy you might know what I am talking about.

I like to go the route of having the best product in it's category because in the long run that pay's off... but you cannot achieve that without being able to get customers.

In the end you need both, and often you have to start with a product you can sell, and not the best product. A an example here is the first Apple computer...

Apple Computer

Like this we have other website, where we have sold 7 figures worth of product and subscriptions in our first week, but at that point it was not the best in it's category, but with that money we we're able to make it the best in it's category, and as we continue to drive more sales we pump it back into the product.

If you want success in business you need to put a large part of your attention where you'll get the biggest returns...and for most businesses that's on getting paying clients.

Ideally you want multiple methods and systems for getting clients and one of the newest, coolest and most effective methods I've seen is using LinkedIn.

If you really want to know how you can use Linkedin platform for your business you can ask for training on your own time, Contact Me Here

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